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Welcome to the Green Room! Thespis In The Green Room is a podcast from the Upstate of South Carolina covering local, national, and international topics in theatre, performing arts, and the business of show.

Apr 29, 2021

S3 Ep2  The Thespis Intermission Mini-Cast:

Looking Forward to Theatre's Comeback

Bruce and Melanie introduce a new podcast format: The Thespis Intermission Mini-Cast. In these short-form episodes, they will address one question or topic for the length of an intermission. In this week's episode, Bruce and Melanie...

Apr 22, 2021

S3 Ep01  2021-04-22  Thespis Returns!

Bruce and Melanie are back for Season 3 to discuss more topics in theatre, the performing arts, and the business of show.

Articles mentioned:

-Game of Thrones Stage Production In the Works